At "Complete Athlete", we believe in the transformative power of sports and the ability of athletes to drive positive change in the world. Join our community of athletes who are dedicated to using their skills and influence to make a difference. Together, we can create a brighter future through sports.

Student-Athletes are dedicated to pursuing greatness, training day in and day out to be a walking highlight reel and a household name. From a spectator's point of view, they leave audiences in awe with their skill, determination, and passion for the game. "Complete Athlete" celebrates and supports these athletes on their journey to becoming the best versions of themselves, both on and off the field. Our platform offers training tips, life-skill training, and resources to help student-athletes excel in their sports and personal lives. Join our community of ambitious athletes and unleash your full potential with "Complete Athlete".

For several years, "Complete Athlete" has been helping competitors join a community where they are valued beyond their success, and use their platform to make a difference in the world.

We have helped individuals step out of their comfort zones, reach their highest potential, and create the life they’ve always wanted to live.

"Complete Athlete" is owned and operated by the National Amateur Fall Baseball Federation.
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You know how powerful sports are around the world, but do you ever dream about harnessing that power for good? The same dream launched "Complete Athlete" as an all-out effort to mobilize the resources and skills of the sports world for the benefit of people here and around the globe. As a Non-Profit organization, "Complete Athlete" exists to present to athletes and coaches, and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of learning skills that can be used on and off the field, while building meaningful relationships in the fellowship of other athletes.

You can help change the game. Become an inluencer in your community and around the world! Join "Complete Athlete" today!

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Financial Literacy for High School is a digital education program that teaches students how to make wise financial decisions to promote financial well-being over their lifetime. The interactive lessons in this financial literacy course translate complex financial concepts and help students develop actionable strategies for managing their finances. Custom built for Complete Athlete by the U. of Arizona.


This course helps you identify your experiences, translate them to identifiable skills and then distill that information into meaningful content for your resume. You will also identify skill gaps and learn how to fill those gaps. Next thing you know, you'll be working.


Self-assessment plays a significant role in developing self-perceptions that lead to greater motivation. It is well established that student engagement depends upon students’ self-efficacy beliefs—perceptions of their ability to do well on a specific task, and the value of doing well. Self-efficacy involves students estimating what they can do and the likelihood of successful performance. Such self-perception develops graduall y as students connect theirsuccesses and failures to factors they believe have caused the result.


Designed for individual athletes to have insights and resources needed to maximize their success. Our innovative approach combines the latest in scientific literature with practical real-world experience to help athletes reach their full potential.


220 Leadership helps students change their lives by learning the mindset and skills they need to thrive. Our online learning on leadership, resume and interview, employability skills, personal finance and entrepreneurship give students the power to create an extraordinary life on their terms- without needing to wait for permission.

SportsRecruits fuels millions of recruiting connections every year, helping student-athletes get recruited and play the sport they love in college.
With every enrollment in "Complete Athlete", you receive a free, upgraded membership to SportsRecruits. A $399.00 value!
Peer mentoring relationships are relationships in which older youth and young adults offer advice and support to their younger peers following similar paths. From high school upperclassmen guiding underclassmen through academic and extracurricular endeavors, to college students guiding prospective students through the transition to higher education, peer mentoring relationships can be incredibly beneficial for both the youth mentee and peer mentor.

If you wish to enroll in the "Complete Athlete" Mentoring Program, send an e-mail to infonafbf@usa.com, in complete confidence. We will respond with directions, promptly. There is no charge for this service!

Bill Cole is an esteemed member of the Board of Advisors. This video is a great description of the program.
Bill Cole is a pioneer in the field of sports psychology. He was the first person in the world to be awarded a Bachelor of Science (with honors) in Sport Psychology. As an undergraduate, he was awarded the Albert Zeigler Award for academic excellence. As a graduating senior, he won the Clifford R. Furnas Award as a University Scholar-Athlete. He holds a Master of Science in Physical Education with specialization in sport psychology from California State University-Fullerton (1986). In his last year he was inducted into Psi Chi, The National Honor Society In Psychology. In 1997 he graduated from Santa Clara University with a Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology.

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